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A severance Lawyer Toronto from Achkar Law is of skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. Our lawyers will advocate on behalf of businesses and employees. Our severance lawyers in Toronto are trusted for practical expertise in employment law matters on which clients repeatedly rely.

Why Hire a Severance Lawyer in Toronto?

Termination is at times a difficult experience for both the employer and employee alike. If you are an employer and are considering terminating an employee, you might be wondering how much termination pay or severance your employee is owed. Relying on tools such as severance pay calculators could give you a misrepresented amount – opening you up to liability down the line for wrongful dismissal claims.

If you are an employee, employers will try to give you less than you are entitled to when you are terminated and ask you to sign a “release”. As an employee, you should always hire a severance lawyer to ensure that you are receiving what you are actually entitled to.

In Ontario, you can be terminated without cause or with cause. Termination for cause is only possible if your conduct reached the level of gross misconduct. Willful misconduct does not qualify for severance pay. For this reason, it is critical that you contact a Severance Lawyer in Toronto. Your case may be dismissed by the employer for no good reason, or it may even result in a liability claim. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you can ensure your severance package is fair and just.

Before deciding on severance pay, consider whether you can receive more money than your employer is willing to offer. Many employers intentionally low-ball employees when they terminate them. If you think you deserve more, hire an employment lawyer. They will help you protect your legal rights. They will ask detailed questions about your circumstances and work to ensure that you receive a fair and reasonable amount of money. If you are being fired for no good reason, you are entitled to damages at common law.

What Can a Severance Lawyer Help You With?

For Employers:

  • Termination and severance clause in employment agreements
  • Negotiations
  • Employment agreement drafting and reviews
  • Termination and severance package

For Employees:

  • Negotiations
  • Application to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
  • Review of final release
  • Review of termination and severance package

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