Responding to Unfair Labour Practices

Unfair Labour Practices

In Ontario, the Labour Relations Act specifies various unfair labour practices that unionized employers must not engage in. If the employer is engaged in actions that can be deemed unfair labour practices under the Labour Relations Act, an application can be made to the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Employers should be weary of an unfair labour practices application as it can open them up to liability for significant monetary damages or other remedies. Our Labour Lawyers at Achkar Law can help prevent and/or respond to ULP complaints.

What do I do if you have been served with an Unfair Labour Practice complaint?

First, don’t panic. Often unions file ULP complaints against employers as a pressure tactic.

Second, take the complaint seriously. It is advised to speak with a labour lawyer as soon as you receive ULP complaint. An experienced lawyer will make sure to respond to the claim by following the  Rules of Procedure of the applicable Labour Board. The Labour Board may treat the allegations as true if you fail to respond, and an order may be made against your company, without an opportunity to defend yourself.

Third, it is important to make sure your response is complete. Once again, an experienced labour lawyer will make sure to avoid any errors when responding to the claim.

How we Can help

Avoidance of ULP requires both a comprehensive understanding of the labour laws affecting your business as well as a practical understanding of the dynamic issues that affect your business needs. Having proper labour counsel in your corner helps avert problems before they get out of control. Achkar Law has vas experience in Labour Law. We provide effective representation to employers who find themselves facing Unfair Labour Practice complaints.

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