Compensation and Benefits

Whether at the start-up stage, or running an established business, retention of great talent through culture as well compensation and benefits is a must for competitive employers. Infusing trust within your ranks through benefit packages is a way to attract talent. Not only does proper compensation and benefits have a positive effect on the culture of the organization, but there may also be legislation under the Employment Standards Act or other legislation that mandates employers to structure the compensation of their employees in a particular manner. Our Ontario Lawyers at Achkar Law are able to assist you with a compensation and benefits package that works best for their business.

In a work environment where good talent is difficult to find. Businesses must have the confidence that they can provide competitive compensation structured to stimulate business growth. Our Ontario lawyers provide strategic advice when it comes to the structuring of compensation and benefits plans. Ensuring that your compensation packages attract the best talent and align with the market are important factors when structuring your compensation packages.

Option plans

Achkar Law has ties with industry leaders within the benefits and pension tax community in a way that allows us to provide our clients with quality referrals. We ensure that the compensation and benefits plans are aligned with the needs of your business. By having trusted Ontario lawyers review and draft your compensation and benefit plans, you are able to receive the best of both worlds. Where you are able to offer a competitive package with the most efficient means for your business at the same time.

Our trusted lawyers have years of experience in the employment law and HR worlds. We help businesses structure the best compensation and benefits packages that work best for their business.

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