Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational workplace health and safety (OHS) is an area of public health that involves the identification control and prevention of hazards in the workplace.  Our team of lawyers at Achkar Law have vast experience in advising our clients on a range of workplace safety matters.

Health and safety training in companies lowers exposure and trains managers to deal with safety issues. It also instills trust in your employees. Occupational health and safety minimize the risk of experiencing workplace safety issues, and applications to Ontario Labour Relations Board. Implementing health and safety training in your organization lowers the chance of having to deal with complaints of incompliance.

Proactive measures are necessary due to the broad range of risks that employers face from occupational health issues. Businesses can face administrative sanctions such as fines or fees. In more serious cases, businesses and individuals can be prosecuted for Safety Violations. All employers should continually assess any safety issues facing their workplace. They should develop plans to flexibly respond to issues that may arise.

Employers should be aware of the changing legal landscape regarding health and safety best practices to avoid costly litigation and liabilities.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Our team of lawyers make sure employers comply with their obligations under workplace safety legislation, the employment standards act, and the human rights code. We help our clients draft and update their workplace policies.

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