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A long-term disability lawyer Toronto at Achkar Law is skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. Our tea of lawyer will advocate on behalf of businesses and employees. Our long-term disability lawyers in Toronto are trusted for practical expertise in long-term disability matters on which clients repeatedly rely.

When Are You Entitled to Long-Term Disability Benefits?

When employees can no longer work at their own occupation for a period longer than six (6) months due to a disability, they may be entitled to compensation to substitute a portion of their earnings for that period under long-term disability.

After twenty-four (24) months, if employees are unable to return to their own occupation, they are expected to find employment in any occupation. This is a period in which claims are often denied.

Insurance companies expect the insured to obtain employment in any position in order to earn a living. They deny in the process that the disabilities prevent you from in fact working. Long-term disability benefits extend beyond the two (2) year period to those living with disabilities who cannot work at any occupation.

Why Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto?

Insurance companies often deny claims to those who are otherwise entitled to Long-Term Disability benefits. At times, employees are asked to refrain from hiring a lawyer, and instead, appeal through the insurance company’s internal, all leading to claims being denied.

Hiring a long-term disability lawyer ensures that you are well-represented. An LTD lawyer will ensure that important considerations are not falling through the cracks. Insurance providers often make the process confusing, leaving the employee confused and frustrated. Having a long-term disability lawyer ensures that your rights are being upheld. A lawyer will make sure that you receive entitlements that are owed to you by insurance providers.

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