Disability Claims

Have you Been Denied Your Long-Term Disability Claim?

Unfortunately, disability insurers deny Long Term Disability benefits unreasonably, and you may have been told you don’t qualify for disability payments. Or the insurer has terminated your LTD payments even though your medical conditions persist.  Moreover, insurance companies have multiple tactics to wear you down and deny your disability claim. A  disability lawyer can help.


Can I Apply For Long-Term Disability Insurance By Myself, Or Do I Need The Help Of A Disability Lawyer?

Generally speaking, if your employer has an LTD plan, you can apply for long-term disability benefits insurance on your own. If you have concerns about your claim being dismissed or disputed by the insurance company due to a disputed diagnosis, or pre-existing medical condition, it is beneficial to consult with a disability lawyer as soon as possible, as they will be able to advise you on the best way to present your claim.


What Are The Benefits Of Contacting A Lawyer If You Believe You Are “Totally Disabled”?

Having a disability lawyer revise your documents before submitting a claim may be beneficial as the sooner you are able to obtain these benefits it will be beneficial not only for you but for your family as the income received will help maintain your family’s financial stability. A disability lawyer can advise you if you have a total disability depending on what your LTD policy states. Some of the key benefits of talking to a lawyer are:

  • A lawyer will be able to review your LTD policy in detail.
  • A lawyer can help you decide if applying for LTD is your best option or if you should seek accommodation at work.
  • A lawyer will help prepare your LTD application.
  • A lawyer will organize and revise your medical documentation and forms that will support your claim.
  • A lawyer will advise you on what are the next steps to take.
  • A lawyer can appeal a decision if your claim is denied or if your benefits have stopped after being


What Types Of Long-Term Disabilities In Ontario Are There?

There are several types of long-term disability benefits across Ontario. Some of these benefits are offered by the Provincial Government and others are offered by the Federal Government and private insurance companies. They are the following:

Each of these disability plans represents a different type of income replacement which means these plans are all different regarding their eligibility criteria and the benefits you are able to receive.