Labour Lawyers In Ottawa

Achkar Law is a group of labour lawyers who work for businesses and employees and are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. Clients frequently rely on the practical expertise of a labour lawyer Ottawa at Achkar Law in matters pertaining to labour relations.

Why work with a labour lawyer?

Employers and employees alike may find it challenging to navigate a unionized workplace. Whether you are facing a claim, submitting an application to the Ontario Relations Board, or participating in negotiations, having the support of an Ottawa labour lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced ensures that you will always have a strong representation that is focused on your needs. This would entail limiting liability for employers and fighting for your rights and entitlements for employees.

When it comes to union practices, our labour lawyers in Ottawa have experience representing individuals and businesses at the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

What Can a Labour Lawyer Ottawa Help With?

A labour attorney can help with union-related workplace issues and applications to the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Our labour lawyers can assist with the following matters:

For Employers:

  • Assessing obligations to unionized workers
  • responding to unfair labour practices
  • collective bargaining, and negotiations
  • Applications for certification and decertification

For Employees:

  • Applications to the Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • Collective bargaining, and negotiations
  • Violations of human rights

Why should a company hire a labour lawyer for common applications in a unionized environment?

Why hire a labour lawyer in the first place if some businesses decide that unionization in the workplace is standard and quite common? In an effort to collect dues and serve as a bargaining agent for the new company’s employees, unions sometimes submit applications to include particular businesses in a bargaining unit.

The company can lessen their losses by having its obligations to unionized workers evaluated with the help of an experienced labour lawyer. This could happen when a company buys a unionized business or faces a union certification application from current employees.

In order to obtain competent legal counsel that can thoroughly evaluate a particular labour matter, businesses must act quickly.

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