Labour Law

Labour law is a body of legislation that regulates the relationship between workers, employers, unions and the government. If you want to learn more about labour law and how it affects your employment, read on! Here are some important details that you should know, such as how a labour lawyer Toronto can help.

What Is Labour Law In Ontario?

Labour law generally covers the issues that apply in a unionized workplace. Canada’s system of collective bargaining is found in federal and provincial labour relations acts and labour codes.

A union that has been certified as an agent for a particular bargaining unit has the exclusive right to negotiate with the employer on behalf of the employees. Generally, the collective agreement outlines how disputes will be handled. Often, disputes are handled through a grievance and arbitrations process.

Are There Similarities Between Employment Law And Labour Law?

Although they are two distinct areas of law, there are similarities as both areas deal with issues arising in the workplace. As such, both labour lawyers and employment lawyers should have familiarity with employment legislation, human rights legislation, employment insurance, workers’ compensation legislation, occupational health and safety, and privacy laws, among others.

What Can a Labour Lawyer Assist With?

A labour lawyer can assist with any matters pertaining to the unionized workplace and any applications to the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Some items that our labour lawyers are able to assist with include:

For Employers:

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