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Finding an Employment Lawyer in Ontario

Finding an employment lawyer in Ontario for a an employment law related issue before the courts or the Ontario Labour Relations Board can be difficult. There are various aspects to consider before making your final decision, and the decision should be handled with care and diligence. As there are varying types of lawyers and law firms – some who handle all types of laws, while others focus on a particular area – it is important to select a lawyer that specializes in the area of employment law to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and experience. Cases are typically won by lawyers who are diligent, efficient, prepare thoroughly for their cases, and research the matter at issue.

As you search to select an employment lawyer that best suits your needs, this article outlines some factors to consider and tips on how to find the employment lawyer that best suits your needs.

Legal Consultation

The legal consultation is the initial meeting with the lawyer where the facts of the case are discussed, the lawyer can review all material evidence – such as documents, correspondence, and any other relevant materials – and assess the strength of your case. As part of the lawyer’s assessment, they will inform you of the recourse they could take for your matter. It is important to inquire as to whether or not there is a consultation fee for the initial meeting.

During the consultation, it is vital to ensure that you are honest about the facts of what transpired to ensure that the lawyer has a clear understanding and can assess your case diligently. Lawyers will not disclose your information or your matter in accordance with solicitor-client privilege, even if you choose not to retain them.

Factors To Consider

At this point, the lawyer that you are meeting with should have knowledge and experience in the employment law and human rights law areas. The initial consultation is typically where you get a better idea of whether this lawyer will be the employment lawyer you select.

At the initial consultation, noticing whether the lawyer is attentive and interested in your case is an important factor to consider. While lawyers are human and have varying personalities, the employment lawyer should be experienced and confident about the type of issue you are facing. Asking questions pertaining to the strength of the case, the options, the lawyer’s experience and knowledge of the issues will assist in selecting an employment lawyer that is best suited for your matter. Inquiring as to the outcome of the similar cases they have dealt with may provide additional context to the way that they operate.

Lawyer fees may be an additional consideration for individuals or companies selecting an employment lawyer. Legal fees tend to vary and can be influenced by several factors including the size of the firm and areas of law practiced. Inquiring whether they offer contingency may be an additional factor to consider depending on your financial situation.

The size of the firm may also have an impact on your decision when selecting an employment lawyer. The size of the firm typically does not indicate the efficiency or experience of their employment lawyers. While larger firms may have higher hourly fees and deal with many areas of law, this is not an indicator of the quality of service that will be received. A smaller firm may be more interactive and approachable, while a larger firm may deal with multiple areas of law and be more formal. The ultimate decision when selecting an employment lawyer will rest on the type of issues that you are facing, and the compatibility with the employment lawyer or firm.


When selecting an employment lawyer, individuals and companies have several factors to consider before rushing to hire the first employment lawyer that they find. Experience, understanding, diligence, and trust are all important factors to consider and should not be taken lightly.

Considering that there are limitation periods on legal claims that can be filed, individuals and companies should begin their search for an employment lawyer as soon as possible once an issue arises and should take care and diligence when selecting an employment lawyer.

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