Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Our employment lawyers Ontario provide strategic and practical solutions for executive compensation models. Retaining great talent for your company sometimes requires being crafty about compensation models and incentives when planning an employment relationship. Retaining effective legal counsel will help protect your business interests.

The manner by which compensation is structured has a lasting effect on the organization. Executive compensation packages that are not properly aligned with the goals and objectives of the executive and the company as a whole, can reduce morale, and productivity, or even worse, lead to improper business practices. Organizations operating in the public sector should seek out legal advice as there is relevant legislation that may apply to the company, such as the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act. Our employment standards act Ontario has the experience to structure executive compensation structures that are aligned with the business needs of the employer.

Work with a law firm that specializes in this area. A law firm that focuses on transactions will usually have a more transaction-based approach to this area. The focus on transactional work, particularly mergers, and acquisitions, will have an effect on its practice of executive compensation. Likewise, companies may wish to work with a law firm that focuses on labor matters, as ABA attorneys also work on labor and employment issues.

Legal counsel

Achkar Law handles executive compensation matters on a daily basis. Their practice focuses on advising boards of directors and compensation committees. Our Employment Lawyer Ontario are also involved in disputes and claims related to employee benefits. These attorneys have extensive experience defending employers in benefits litigation, including fraud, fiduciary duty, and other legal matters. The attorneys also specialize in the business and have a solid reputation in the field.

Companies should retain effective legal counsel to be able to respond efficiently to new onboarding opportunities. Whilst protecting their business interests when revealing confidential information to new hires. Chief Legal Officer can assist in tackling executive compensation structures proactively, to assist in avoiding litigation down the line.

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