Employment Lawyers Ottawa

There are myriad laws at both the federal and provincial levels that govern the employer-employee relationship. An employment lawyer Ottawa at Achkar Law can help.

We are always here to assist employees who believe their rights have been violated. Likewise, employers who need advice on a variety of employment issues can call Achkar Law at 1-800-771-7882 or email us at [email protected], for a consultation.

What We Do

Achkar Law’s employment lawyers conduct litigation as well as negotiations and obtain settlements for aggrieved employees on an individual basis. We also provide legal representation for businesses, large and small.

For Employees

We represent employees in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Litigation for sexual harassment
  • Discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation or any other protected ground.
  • Suits for wrongful termination
  • Being denied pay, including tips and commissions, as well as proper compensation
  • Being denied overtime page

Review the following for executive employees:

  • Employment Contracts for executives
  • Severance agreements and
  • Benefits Packages

Our team of lawyers litigate all employment law issues, including breaches of confidentiality clauses and non-compete agreements, amongst others.

For Employers

We provide businesses with a comprehensive selection of essential employment-related legal services, including but not limited to:

Policies for the Workplace: Not only is it good for businesses to have a set of effective policies for the workplace, but it also helps to avoid ambiguity regarding what your employees are expected to do. When it comes to establishing effective disciplinary procedures and establishing workplace expectations and behaviour standards, an effective set of workplace policies can be of tremendous assistance.

Employment Contracts Employers sometimes disregard employment contracts as an afterthought, not realizing the difficulties of operating a business without them. Important aspects of your employees’ relationships with the business are established through employment contracts. Most importantly, they establish the entitlements of employees upon termination, which should ideally be kept to a minimum for employers.

Problems with Business Evolution: Static businesses do not thrive and reach their full potential in today’s fast-paced global business environment. As a result, in order to facilitate the adaptations required to ensure survival, businesses today frequently need to alter their relationships with their employees.

Terminations: Failed terminations frequently result in costly litigation and come back to haunt employers. The best way to prevent an unhappy employee from taking legal action is to consult with an employment lawyer prior to termination. Achkar Law reduces problems and accelerates the resolution of otherwise difficult ones.

Achkar Law can assist you with your employment-related problem of any kind. There are a lot of employment lawyers in Ottawa, but you want one with the right experience and resources. We assist business owners in ensuring that all employee interactions take place in a predictable manner that is beneficial to the long-term health of the business and assist employees in defending their rights against dishonest employers.