Employment Lawyers Barrie

In Barrie, a plethora of federal and provincial laws govern the relationship between an employer and an employee. An employment lawyer Barrie at Achkar Law can help.

We can always assist employees who believe their rights have been violated. In a similar vein, Achkar Law can offer employers consultations on a variety of employment-related issues by contacting us at [email protected] or calling 1-800-771-7882.

What We Do

The employment lawyers at Achkar Law negotiate and litigate individual settlements for dissatisfied employees. We also provide legal representation to both large and small businesses.

For Employees

We represent employees in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Litigation for sexual harassment
  • Discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected ground.
  • Suits for wrongful termination
  • Being denied pay, including tips and commissions, as well as proper compensation
  • Being denied overtime page

Review the following for executive employees:

  • Employment Contracts for executives
  • Severance agreements and
  • Benefits Packages

A lawyer will litigate all work-related issues, including breaches of confidentiality clauses and non-compete agreements, amongst others.

For Employers

Workplace Policies: Businesses benefit from effective workplace policies because they make it easier to clarify what employees are expected to do. Establishing effective disciplinary procedures as well as workplace expectations and behaviour standards can be greatly aided by an effective set of workplace policies.

Employment agreements: Employers don’t always give employment contracts much thought because they aren’t aware of how difficult it would be to run a business without them. The relationship that your employees have with your business is largely shaped by employment contracts. Most importantly, they establish entitlements for employees upon termination, which employers should aim to minimize.

Effects of Business Development: Static businesses do not succeed or reach their full potential in today’s fast-paced global business environment. In order to facilitate the adaptations necessary for survival, businesses today frequently need to alter their relationships with their staff.

Terminations: Employers frequently face costly litigation and repercussions if they fail to terminate employees accordingly. The best way to keep an employee from filing a lawsuit is to meet with an employment lawyer before the employee is fired. Problems are reduced and the resolution of otherwise difficult issues is sped up by Achkar Law.

Achkar Law can assist you with any work-related issue. There are many employment lawyers in Barrie, but you want one with the right knowledge and resources. We ensure that all employee interactions take place in a predictable manner that is beneficial to the long-term health of the business and assist employees in defending their rights against dishonest employers.