Employment Law

You need help with employment law and workplace issues, and it is never a fun task to find a lawyer you can trust. 

Our employment lawyers in Ottawa and Toronto have practical experience advising on best practices, and strategic decisions both employers and employees can take to minimize risk and maximize returns. In addition, our workplace lawyers continue to advise businesses, executives, and employees when it comes to legal solutions to get out of trouble or to avoid it to begin with.


How Can Our Employment Lawyers in Toronto and Ottawa Help in a Non-Unionized Workplace?

  • Compensation and Benefits Plans
    • Structuring a benefit plan to attract and retain talent should not cost you more than necessary. Speak with our lawyers about structuring plans that benefit your company and keep your employees happy.
  • Compliance
    • HR compliance does not need to be complicated. We will help you set up all you need to maintain health and safety, HR, and other obligations to stay out of trouble.
  • Constructive Dismissal Complaints
    • Employees sometimes claim employers have bullied, harassed, and pushed them away from work. However, we know not all claims are legitimate – our lawyers can help.
  • Civil Litigation
    • Commercial disputes happen, and our experience in court is an asset in helping you resolve those disputes. Whether it is an unpaid loan, breach of contract, or other commercial disputes, you want our lawyers in your corner.
  • Employment Contracts
    • Employment contracts change often, and judges regularly rule on their enforceability. The problem is the law around employment agreements is tricky, and you should not use any employment agreement without speaking with a lawyer first.
  • Employment Litigation
    • Sometimes there are reasons to sue an employee – whether it is theft of Intellectual Property, Solicitation of Clients, or competing with you – we will find the right solution.
  • Employee Hiring and Firing
    • From drafting employment agreements and offer letters to termination packages – our lawyers will help keep things running smoothly.
  • Employee Relations and Corporate Management
    • Not everything leads to litigation. Our lawyers can help navigate disputes to avoid miscommunication and lawsuits from your employees when it comes to day-to-day interactions.
  • Executive Compensation
    • Compensation for executive employees does not have to be complicated – but it definitely has to be creative. Our lawyers have the right experience to help.
  • Ministry of Labour Complaints
    • We often help employers navigate employee complaints at the Ministry of Labour to minimize or eliminate liability.
  • Human Rights Complaints
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Maintaining a safe workplace can be tricky. Our lawyers can help maintain a safe practice, so you have less to worry about.
  • Workplace Policies
    • We regularly draft workplace policies, handbooks, sexual harassment policies, and health and safety policies, among other Human Resource documents, to help maintain a safe workplace.
  • Workplace Investigations
    • Companies have to investigate complaints of all sorts. Even without an official complaint, companies have a duty to investigate even the appearance of unfairness, bullying, or harassment. Our lawyers can help investigate and put your mind at ease.
  • Workplace Harassment Training
    • Whether it is for the management team or the whole team, workplace harassment training not only keeps everyone updated on their obligations – but also instills confidence in employees that you care.
  • Human Resource Plus Program


How Can Employment Lawyers in Toronto and Ottawa in Unionized Workplaces?



Getting Help from Our Employment Lawyers in Toronto and Ottawa

Book a time to speak with our employment lawyers in Toronto and Ottawa law firms at the first signs that you may need help to ensure you don’t land in legal trouble. It is never a good idea to act first and then find out later that you have made some mistakes. Instead, make sure you contact experienced employment lawyers and be proactive regarding your rights and obligations in the workplace.


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