Common Employer Applications

A labour lawyer Toronto can assist with various common Employer applications in labour law. Unions sometimes bring employer applications to include certain companies in their bargaining unit. They can collect dues and act as bargaining agents for employees of new companies. When forming new corporations it is recommended to speak with a labour lawyer; otherwise, there will be a risk in terms of having all the companies unionized. While it may seem daunting, it is essential to get expert legal advice to ensure everything is legal and effective. By obtaining the correct legal advice, you can potentially avoid problems. In addition to securing a favourable outcome, a labour lawyer can help you respond quickly and efficiently to unions.

In any proactive decision to mitigate such claims, employers should get legal advice from a labour lawyer Toronto to assess unionized workers’ obligations when purchasing a unionized business or facing a union certification application from their employees. Employers should also note that corporate structures such as partnerships or subsidiary corporations may not eliminate the risk of liability. The Ontario Labour Relations Board will assess whether there is an overlap in the business of the two corporations at issue and whether that overlap involves the work of the Union.

When responding to applications, especially in a unionized workplace, companies must be quick to obtain competent advice recognizing nuances of their specific labour matter. This allows for the best outcomes in any grievance arbitration. Our labour lawyers in Toronto assist employers with other common employer applications and provide timely, practical, and strategic advice.

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