Civil Litigation

Disputes happen over a variety of reasons, often from sources that we do expect. This is where civil litigation lawyers can help.

Often, these disputes are resolved through a conversation or through negotiation. However, sometimes disputes cannot be resolved amicably.

Civil litigation lawyers ensure your rights are protected in courts. Litigation ensues when individuals or companies get into a dispute with another individual or company. While litigation involves the courts, there are often many rules that force litigants to participate in mediation or negotiation discussions.

Even in commercial disputes, the rules of civil litigation apply. Practical experience when it comes to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure is important to help with not only knowing and applying the law but also gauging with the parties with proper negotiation and litigation skills to obtain optimal results.

Our civil litigation lawyers have extensive experience negotiating and litigating while keeping your business interests in mind. There are often tactical and strategic reasons to consider certain courses of action – this is what we will help you navigate and conquer.

Litigation requires steady temperament and a strong grasp of the facts. Companies need legal representation that will take the time to understand the intricacies of their business and how they relate to a given legal matter. Throughout the litigation process, it is also essential to have adaptable counsel that can respond to rapidly changing circumstances and arrive at an early resolution during the proceedings.

Companies cannot risk representation unless it is with the right advocates in their corner.

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