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Bardal Factors: How a Court Decides What an Employee Gets In Canada

When an employee is dismissed, employment lawyers and the courts consider a myriad of factors which determine an employee’s entitlements upon termination. Among these factors, there are four which are commonly analyzed to help determine the appropriate entitlements of the employee. These factors are referred to as the Bardal factors. What are the Bardal factors? The Bardal factors stem from a 1960 case of Bardal v. Globe & Mail Ltd., 1960 CanLII 294 (ON SC). The factors that are typically considered are:

  • The nature and character of the employment;
  • length of service;
  • age of the employee, and
  • likelihood of securing similar employment considering the employee’s experience, training and qualifications.

As a reminder, there are hundreds of possible factors which may influence an employee’s entitlements upon termination – the Bardal factors are a starting point of elements that are typically considered in each case. All of the factors that may be relevant in determining an employee’s entitlements are usually decided on a case by case basis. As such, it is essential to contact an employment lawyer to ensure that you are receiving all of the entitlements that you are owed based on your particular set of circumstances.

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What Are The Bardal Factors?