Achkar Law: Employer’s Guide for Terminations

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    Achkar Law: Employer's Guide for Terminations

    This Employer’s Guide for Termination of Employment covers terminations in the workplace which, when done incorrectly can lead to a considerable amount of liability for the employer. The termination process is riddled with details and steps that, if missed, can lead to a costly legal battle down the line, which is why we recommend having an experienced employment lawyer as your legal representative.

    Ensuring that a company’s employment termination process is free of discrimination and is compliant with the Employment Standards Act is a good place to start. This Employer’s Guide for Termination of Employment provides employers with a detailed dive into terminations in the workplace, in ways to not only reduce liability but improve morale and the overall workplace environment.

    Employer’s  Termination of Employment Guide

    Achkar Law’s Employer’s Guide for Terminations covers essential elements of terminations, including:

    1. Employee Treatment During Termination
    2. Termination and Litigation
    3. Office and Employee Morale
    4. Steps in Terminating an Employee
    5. Types of Terminations
    6. Wrongful Termination
    7. Constructive Dismissal
    8. Termination during Probation
    9. Layoffs
    10. Entitlements At Termination
    11. Termination With a Contract, and
    12. Termination Without a Contract

    **The guide is not meant to replace the guidance of a legal representative and should not be used without consulting a lawyer.

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